Reasons Why People Hate Your Emails

Email seems like such an awesome, convenient means of communication.  And it is – that is, if you know how to use it properly.  Sadly, like most technologically advanced things in life, there is always that crowd who a) don’t know how to use

When Translations Into English Go Hilariously Wrong

Translation from one language to another does not always go smoothly.  Such is the case with the following signs.  Attempts were made, and well….many of these are funny and others are just complete fails.  Here are some photos from when translations into English go

More Hilarious Facebook Moments

Some of our most popular posts are the ones that center around people airing their stupidity all over Facebook for the world to see.   It’s hard not to laugh, and why hold it back, really?  I mean they’re kind of asking for it.  Here

Photos of Hilarious Expert-Level Trolling

Some people just really know how to get under the skin of others.  Whether it’s intentional or not doesn’t really matter, but if you look closely around you, chances are you know at least one or two people who excel at it.  We have

Public Signs Made Funnier With Clever Graffiti

Nothing better than being out in public somewhere and spotting that normal, run of the mill advertisement, sign or billboard……but wait!  Is it normal?  Not anymore, because someone took their graffiti skills and enhanced it into a form we can all enjoy.  Here are

15 Fun Facts That You Probably Never Knew

Every once in awhile, you learn something new that makes you stop for a second and think “hmmmm, interesting!”  Well we wouldn’t be doing our job as a trending news website if we didn’t provide you a few little tidbits of our own for

Insane Photos Taken at Key Moments

Every so often, we are lucky enough that someone captures a moment at that one split second that makes it all worthwhile.  The results are often cool, funny and sometimes even scary.  At the very least, these insane photos taken at key moments will